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Making a difference to the people and businesses we serve

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Copy typing work (minimum 1 hour @ 20 per hour).

From £8-£10 per 1,000 words for typing from printed/typed text.
From £11-£13 per 1,000 words for typing from handwritten text.

From £0.95p per recorded audio minute for general dictation

A general guideline to our services. Please ask if the service you require is not listed.

    General Typing Services, Word Processing, Document Typing, Proofreading
    Copy Typing from documents (typed, handwritten, PDF, etc.)
    Audio Typing/Digital Audio Transcription from Digital
    Typing from Handwritten/Printed Manuscripts/Books
    Typing Memoirs, Short Stories, Poems, Histories
    Typing of lectures, speeches, shiurs. 
    Typing Materials from Workshops, Meetings, Roundtable Discussions
    Typing Reports
    Typing Tenancy Agreements, Lease Documents
    Typing Property Surveys, other surveys & assessments
    Typing Legal & Disciplinary Hearings & Tribunals
    Typing of PACE Interviews
    Typing Official Correspondence, Business Letters
    Typing Tenders/Bids/Proposals

How we look after you:

    A highly personal, flexible & tailored approach
    We never outsource work abroad
    We pay our transcribers good rates
    We pride ourselves on confidentiality and discretion
    Project Management approach to spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout consistency
    Friendly and professional customer service
    Work finished within agreed timescales
    Signed confidentiality agreement (where requested)
    FREE typing estimates

No commitments or contracts, just pay as you go, pay only for the work we do. 
Most general copy typing and word processing tasks charged in 15-minute increments, minimum 1-hour charge.

Audio typing/digital audio transcription [minus 10% discount for qualifying work]:

FROM £0.95 per recorded audio minute for reports, letters, notes, etc. (single voice recordings)
FROM £1.30 per recorded audio minute for other files, (e.g. 1:1 interview style recordings, etc.)

Audio typing costs very much depend on the clarity of the recording, the number of voices, accents, etc. and can vary where the subject matter is of a more complex or technical nature, or where the dialogue is particularly fast-paced. Please ask for a free quote.

Large copy typing projects:

Costs for copy typing from manuscripts, books, etc. 
From £8 to £10 per thousand words for copying from printed/typed text 
From £11 to £13 per thousand words for copying from handwritten text, depending on subject matter, complexity, additional items to reproduce such as tables, quality of source materials etc. Free quotes available.

24-hour turnaround for typing services

By prior arrangement, 24-hour turnaround on most typing services is available at an additional 10% on agreed rates.
Remember, outsourcing means you only ever pay for the work we do.
Contact us today to discuss your typing services and transcription requirements.