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Typing  & Transcription Services

Proofreading & Editing 

Manchester Secretarial was founded in 2006 by a former Police typist and Relate-trained counselling trainer. 

We have since gone from strength to strength and from 2007 have never advertised.


Our customers always return to us and recommend us to colleagues. 

We are able to provide an unusually high-quality and competitive service by hand-training all of our transcribers to our very particular standards.

However, we still have each transcript given a thorough check-through by an editor, who checks every single word against the audio file and to publishing standard, before returning to the client. 

Our skilled and educated team can be relied upon to handle your typing, transcription, proofreading or editing exactly to your requirements.


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Email: manchestersecretarial@gmail.com

Tel: 07785 723183

"I was delighted with the service. The quality of the transcripts was very high and they were turned around extremely quickly. I would recommend Manchester Secretarial to anyone engaged in serious academic research"

Professor Richard Saundry, University of Plymouth​

We work with a vast range of clients, providing transcription of notes, letters, reports, property surveys, interviews, speeches & lectures, meetings & discussions, focus groups, video production transcription, oral history transcription & discourse analysis transcription

We guarantee 99.9% accuracy

Transcription rates start at 0.90 GBP per audio minute 

Copy typing rates start at 7.50 GBP per 1000 words

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Tel: 07785 723183

Email: manchestersecretarial@gmail.com


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