About Manchester Secretarial Typing & Transcription 

Manchester Secretarial Transcription was launched in early 2006 by a former Police Typist and Relate-trained counselling trainer whose approach to client confidentiality and protection of data has always been an inviolable priority.


Although originally set up as a proofreading service, we soon discovered a growing demand for quality transcription services.

We have grown by customer recommendation and loyalty and do not advertise. 

Our Team and What Makes Us Different

All of our transcribers are selected from mature professionals with decades of experience in their particular field, whether it be general transcription, legal, medical, corporate, finance, or HR.

Whatever your industry, we have a dedicated typist or transcriber just for you. 

Once transcripts are completed by our team, each transcript is checked word for word against the audio file by an editor to ensure faithfulness to the audio and also that the correct medical, legal or industry terminology is used, along with checks on grammar and punctuation and any words or phrases which the transcriber has been unable to make out will usually be filled in during this process.

This is in stark contrast to most transcription companies, who merely do monthly quality checks.

This is why we are able to guarantee the highest quality transcription in the industry.

This also enables editors to identify any weaknesses in a new transcriber´s work

and feed back to them to enable them to reach the very high bar we set for quality.

This process is applied to every single transcript, no matter how experienced the transcriber. 


Our team is headed by a Project Manager, who works with you to provide a tailored and flexible service and overseeing the progress & consistency of your work .

We are happy to work with templates provided by clients or to provide our own.

We distinguish ourselves by offering quality, accuracy, speed and a competitive, flexible service to meet your requirements, however large, small, or infrequent.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or for more information.

If you want a chat on getting the best quality audio, we are happy to help with no obligation.

Email manchestersecretarial@gmail.com or leave your name, organisation name and telephone number via our contact form at the bottom of the page. 

We guarantee 99.9% accuracy

Rates charged per audio minute

Copy typing per no. of words

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Tel: 07785 723183

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