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"These are the best transcripts I´ve ever seen...!"

Professor Chris Allen (rtd) Salford University

Typing, Transcription, Proofreading, Editing, Notetaking...    

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We do FAST without charges 

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ACCURACY without question. 

100% of our transcripts are accepted!

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Typical Response Time 15 minutes

We Specialise in Typing & Transcription Services

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Manchester Secretarial Transcription is the most competitive in the industry and, we believe, the best. And unlike other companies we do not charge extra for fast turnaround. 

No stealth charges!

We train all of our transcribers till they are spot-on!

We proofread every transcript word for word against the audio!

We don´t advertise because...

All of our customers stay with us!

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"I was delighted with the service. The quality of the transcripts was very high and they were turned around extremely quickly. I would recommend Manchester Secretarial to anyone engaged in serious academic research." 
Dr Richard Saundry, Reader in International Relations, University of Central Lancashire

"I would like to thank you as the quality of the transcriptions was absolutely excellent, and has saved me a tremendous amount of time, worth every penny."

Libby Sedgley, Health Researcher  

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